Hi, I’m Sarah.

Before I became an “anti-guru,” I spent fifteen years as a book editor in New York City, working with writers like Chris Cleave, James Lee Burke, Gillian Flynn, Jen Kirkman, Jessica Knoll, Emily Nagoski, Jay Rayner, and more. The utterly terrifying decision to quit that career—and then quit New York and move to a tropical island—underpins much of the advice in my bestselling No Fucks Given Guides series. (Today I live in the Dominican Republic with my husband and two feral rescue cats: Gladys and Mr. Stussy.)

In the NFGGs, I write about mental health, setting goals, taking risks, getting motivated, getting organized, and all the usual self-help stuff—but I do it with profanity and silly charts and long-form analogies involving cartoon chipmunks. What can I say? It seems to be working.

My books tap into feelings that most readers have, but are afraid to act upon. I give them permission to follow through—whether it’s casting off unwanted obligations (The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck); making big life changes (Get Your Shit Together); or just being themselves, flaws and all (You Do You). Calm the Fuck Down, the fourth in the series, is all about managing anxiety and problem-solving in the face of adversity; and the latest NFGG, Fuck No!, is exactly what it sounds like: a manual for saying no, meaning it, and being heard. Who doesn’t need a little help in that department?

Anyway, thanks for clicking to learn more about me. I’m flattered that you gave a fuck, and I hope you enjoy the books!