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Advice & Tips, Life-hacks, You Do You November 29, 2017

Turning your flaws into strengths is as easy as what I call “mental redecorating.” If you don’t have the time or wherewithal to do a full renovation of your house, you can redecorate and refresh the place with much less effort, right? The same goes for your mental space. In my new book, You Do […]

Advice & Tips, Self-care, You Do You November 28, 2017

It’s okay to be selfish when it’s not hurting anyone else, or when it would be helping you MORE than it would be hurting others. I write about this extensively in You Do You because I’m very passionate about proving to people that “selfish” is not a four-letter word. (And I think I know quite […]

Advice & Tips, The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck April 13, 2017

So I did a TEDx* talk, and I’m sharing it here along with five tips for anyone who finds themselves in the same position I did nearly a year ago when the idea of speaking for ten minutes in front of 1,000 strangers was a) purely theoretical and b) moderately terrifying. You can watch the […]

Advice & Tips, Work March 28, 2017

How did you become a writer? I’ve always been a writer—a dabbler, a periodic poster, an infrequently paid contributor—but how did I become a real, live, published author of two books? Well, after I quit my job as a book editor at Simon & Schuster, I had an idea, drafted a proposal, showed it to a literary […]

Advice & Tips, Get Your Shit Together, Motivation, New Year, New You, Organization January 11, 2017

Well, we’ve made it to January, the month immediately following the bank account-draining, waistband-straining holiday season, which is traditionally reserved for making resolutions to spend less, eat better, and, well, generally get your shit together. Except that by now—at nearly the mid-way point—a lot of people have already given up on their pretty pledges. Why […]

Advice & Tips, Get Your Shit Together, Money, Motivation, Organization January 11, 2017

We all need that one friend to give us some straight-talking advice, or a kick up the backside now and then. But asking a mate for her totally honest opinion about your latest office meltdown or dating disaster can also lead to a cocktail in the face. Or, at least, some pretty damaged feelings. Because […]

Advice & Tips, Get Your Shit Together, New Year, New You January 3, 2017

And so we arrive at New Year’s Resolution time again. What is it about January 1 that makes people who’ve languished for twelve months in messy homes, tight pants, and bad relationships suddenly log on to Facebook and publicly vow to turn everything around? That’s not how change works. Sure, January 1, 2017 happens to […]

Advice & Tips, Humor, New Year, New You December 29, 2016

I hate it when people — especially strangers on the internet — tell me what to do. This is ironic since I currently make my living as a self-help guru (I even did a TEDx talk!), and more so because I am about to clue you in to seven pieces of advice you should immediately stop taking if you […]

Advice & Tips, Get Your Shit Together, Money, Motivation, Organization January 19, 2016

In 2015, I saved $10,000, quit my job, started a freelance business, and wrote a book. Now, at the start of 2016, my husband and I are selling our two-bedroom New York apartment, downsizing to a small condo, and will be spending half the year in the Dominican Republic where we just finished building a […]