Advice & Tips, Holiday Survival, Self-care, You Do You December 18, 2017

Even if we’ve been nice all year long, the holiday season is bound to bring out the naughty in us all. Like fruitcakes at an office potluck party, stressors abound—be they physical, financial, or emotional. There’s work to finish before the break, seemingly endless presents to buy, and a lot of close-quarters interaction with extended family under and around the mistletoe. But you know what? I think it’s perfectly fine to indulge your naughty side just enough to avoid snapping like the wishbone on the Christmas turkey.

In order to make this month as fun for you as it is for a kid with a new train set, three bars of Cadbury milk chocolate, and no adult responsibilities, sometimes you just have to “do you”—yes, even if it means being a little naughty.

To wit: You could tack an extra twenty minutes onto your lunch break to finish your gift shopping; your boss doesn’t have to know it wasn’t traffic that made you late back to your desk. You could treat yourself to a solo glass of high-end bubbly instead of attending yet another holiday mixer with a cash bar and one too many flirty colleagues. Or you might succumb to the “stomach flu” the night of your Aunt Miriam’s annual Nativity play. (Look, if people won’t take No, thank you for an answer, sometimes you have to tell a festive fib.)

“You do you” means taking care of yourself—and generally just being yourself—in the face of ever-mounting obligations to and expectations of others. If you’re not naturally a social butterfly, you don’t have to force the Christmas spirit to overtake you. Likewise, if the most wonderful time of the year inspires you to deck yourself in tinsel and sing carols on your morning commute: you do you! Whatever the case, you’re allowed to take a step back from all the chaos, cousins, and credit card bills and carve out some time, energy, and money to spend on your own happiness.

So this year, I say make a list of all the things YOU want, need, and deserve; check it twice; and to hell (at least occasionally) with being nice.