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Get Your Shit Together, Humor March 22, 2017

Get your shit together, people. RULE #1: If the flight is not full, you may move your seat after you ask a flight attendant to point out unclaimed seats and receive his/her permission to swap. You don’t get to just sit wherever you want. This is ticketed air travel, not some free Indigo Girls concert […]

Advice & Tips, Humor, New Year, New You December 29, 2016

I hate it when people — especially strangers on the internet — tell me what to do. This is ironic since I currently make my living as a self-help guru (I even did a TEDx talk!), and more so because I am about to clue you in to seven pieces of advice you should immediately stop taking if you […]

Humor, Self-care, Self-confidence, The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck June 3, 2016

Amy Schumer enjoying summer. It’s June. Summer is upon us. Backyard BBQs and beach days galore! Time to start working on your tan. And unless it’s a farmer’s tan you’re after, you’ll need to strip down to your minimalist sportswear of choice. If you’re a typical gal, the prospect of displaying your body in a swimsuit […]

Humor December 1, 2015

Confessions of an editor-turned-writer During my fifteen years as a book editor for major publishing houses, I made a number of observations about the behavioral patterns of authors. These observations led me to conclude that most of those authors were special little snowflakes at risk of melting if I so much as looked at them […]